Thrifting is the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
ThriftyWays was founded by Fayyaddh Limbada (someone who has a general interest in
fashion with a unique taste in clothing) in his final year of high school in 2015. The idea came about when he realized that there was a demand for the type of clothing he was wearing – most of which were vintage items. The initial business model was selling these through the ThriftyWays Instagram page till the website was launched in 2021 and redesigned later in 2023. ThriftyWays is for people with a timeless style who are looking for value for money. It is a place to find affordable clothing you can’t find anywhere else.

» Beautiful & Playful Homepage
» Very Simple & Easy to navigate.
» Modern and Elegant
» User-friendly
» Multi-page site
» Contact Form
» E-commerce functionality
» Responsive (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)

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